Thursday, 29 September 2016

Year 6spy day

Year 6 spy day  

All of us had a great day, first of all we wrote up our spy story.Then we had assembly next break. Epic exiting we watched Stormbreaker it was sad, nerve racking, amazing and happy. Then art and games in the afternoon. I loved it and so did my friends everyone did!!!!!!!!!!🕵🏻🕵🏻🔦🔎🔍🔎🔍📝✒️ We all dressed up like James Bond, Alex rider (Stormbreaker) or just spy's.WE LOVED IT.

Monday, 26 September 2016

School Council Election

school council election

In the past week at school we had a school council election and the people that  put them self foward were Dominick Daw, Grace W and Dixie F.  Every body voted and then we found out that the winner was Dixie F and the first school council meeting was on Wednesday and we talked about what we could do to change the school and make it better!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, 23 September 2016

Red vs Blue Football match!! Preview

On Friday 23 of September at 3:20 to 4:30 PM.

A selection of Year 6's fight it out on the school football pitch
Here are the team's:

    Red's                      VS                   Blue's                            

Dominick D                                   Charlie C
Harry S                                           Daniel S
Jack C                                             Flynn S
Lambros P                                      Freddie A
Leo G                                             George K
Maisie K                                        Grace W                                        
Matthew L-S                                  Jack B                             
Max T                                            James W
Regan B                                         Jamie C
Rio M                                            Molly W
                                                      Tommy B

Match report to come next week!!


Monday, 19 September 2016

Fleckney Fruit shack

In school we have a healthy shop, which is run by the year sixes and last Monday we had training for it . I enjoyed it because we got to taste what we could sell like popcorn, mango whirls etcetera. Also while we were there we order our first stock and made posters for our notice board 


Football is a club after school running from 3:15-4:15 which anyone can come to if your in years 3-6.
On Wednesday it years 5-6 football and on Thursday it 3-4 football it starts in mid September until
December and then starts again until the end of the year. Girl's football is on Tuesday at 3:15-4:15
and everyone who is a girl is allowed to come if you are in years 3-6.

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Gymnastics, a popular sport in school, has become a club you be taught after school!!!!!!!! From jumping on the vault, to forward rolls on the floor, it's good to look forward to and easy if you are new at it. Every year a pro coach comes. They help you learn new skills in gym. Plus different ways of enjoying sport. ITS FUN AND ENJOYABLE!!!!!Most people like it and it has become the club to join every year since year 3.

By:GW  6SP

Let's Get Cooking!

in year six we have a cooking club which runs throughout the year.  Last Wednesday we made smoothies and fruit salads.  At the start we all tasted and tested all the different fruits from apple to mango and we carefully cut the fruits and put lemon juice on them and we put them in our containers!

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