Friday, 14 October 2016

School Council

School council is a selection of 2 children from each year group and we all get together every two weeks. When we get together we sit round a table and talk about ideas that children in school council have and ideas that the other children in school tell school council. If we have been given an idea/ideas we will pass them on to Mrs Teear and we will try to make the school a better place for adults and children.

G.K Y6

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Magical maths!!

Magical maths is an experience for children in Fleckney Primary school (and children from other schools). Dr Poopenstinken runs this club after school on a Monday for an hour for budding geniuses and mathematicians.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Year 1 reading buddys

As the year ones teachers are  struggling to hear their children all read, the year sixes get the job. Us year sixes either get two or three children to hear. We may give them team points-polo's.  The children enjoy reading to us and it helps the teachers out. Many of the year sixes enjoy it and we do it once a week (my day is Wednesday) 1:00 till 1:15. We have the same children each week which is good so we can see them improve.


Monday, 10 October 2016

Harvest festival

Harvest festival

 Mr Baum comes into our school and he plays the piano while we sing songs ready for the festival. what we do is we walk down to our nearest church, Then we go into the church and we get given a little booklet with all the songs in we sing. We also have some readers in each year who speak in front of everyone at the church. We stand up when we sing a song. At the end of the service our Head teacher always says some jokes. Then we stand up and leave and walk back to school. Only a couple of year groups go at a time because we cant fit everyone in the church. 



I am one of four children in year six who have been chosen to be a Sports Ambassador! This means you have to be good at sport and that you teach the year ones some sporty skills. The way we are chosen is that everyone in year six votes for who they think would be good at the role and the four people with the most votes, all become Sports Ambassadors for the year. In order to be a Sports Ambassador you have to go to Robert Smith Academy (RSA) for training on how to do it. We are all looking forward to learning more on Thursday and to helping the year ones with their sport.


Thursday, 6 October 2016

St. Josephs Vs Fleckney:football match, away!!

After a close match on  Friday 23 September  between the Fleckney Blues and Reds, Fleckney travelled to Market Harborough on Thursday 29th Oct (FIFA 17 release date! ) to play St.  Josephs in a friendly. Fleckney played 2 matches, lost the first, 1: 0 and won the second 6:0. Our team spirit was outstanding and we all had a great time!
Year 6 Football - First Games of the Season

It was a mild afternoon on Thursday 22nd September 2016 as Fleckney Year 6 travelled across to St Joseph's School to take on 2 teams including St Joseph A and B.

In a difficult first game, we narrowly missed out on a win as St Joseph's A team took the lead before half time and held onto it despite continual Fleckey poessesion and attacks. Unfortunately, we just couldn't get the goal we knew we deserved.

Despite that disappointment, we pulled ourselves together for the second game. This time against St Joseph's B team, a game we found a bit easier and in the end we went on to win a comfortable 6-0. With our players all getting a turn experiencing positions we wouldn't normally play in, it was a lot of fun seeing 6 goals go in and none conceded. A star performance from Jack C with 2 goals (before taking a turn in goal!), a Regan B special from long distance, Rio M at close range from a corner and another 2 coming from George K. 

Fleckney coming back with an impressive win and performance.