Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Muslim visit from Leicester High School

Last week on Wednesday we had a visit from 3 Muslims girls and we asked them many questions about their religion and life. Some questions were: Do you have to take time out of school to pray? (answer was NO)
We hope they come back to are school again one day!


Leicester Cathedral

Leicester cathedral

Four pupils were invited to take part in a trip to Leicester Cathedral. The 4 children were Molly W, Emily C, Jack C and James W. The service was one and a half hours long and after, we  looked around the cathedral and saw and touched Richard III. After that we went to St. Martin's house to have lunch; we got some free chocolate from the lady who worked there. After that we went back to school.


School disco!


Dancing, drinks and DJs, the school disco had it all lastest music was played and weird dance moves were done.A variety of food and drinks were available which were very delicious and tempting.  We all enjoyed it very much and went home ready for bed! The DJ was a hit playing all the latest tunes. Everybody was in their favourite clothing which all looked fantastic! It was all very fun!!!             R.R +  G.L 6JO 


Ks1 Nativity

                                    KS1 Nativity!

Around about a week and a half ago the KS1 performed a
really good nativity play it was awesome considering it
was the first play they had done we ( the year sixs ) went 
to watch it with foundations we saw how much effort the
year ones, year twos and the teachers put into the
wonderful nativity it put my mind back when I did that

K.C year 6

ks1 nativity

                                                   ks1 nativity
last week we went to watch the ks1 nativity dress rehearsal. the years that went to watch it with us (year six) was foundation.we enjoyed it so much!!!! We had sheep to classroom inspectors it was amazing to watch and to see how much hard work you had put into it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
d.f 6sp

Leicester museum and Market!

Leicester museum and Market!

On the second of December, Year 2 went into
Leicester. They had a look around the market and
saw a variety of products being advertised. They
also visited the museum and learnt lots of
information about the periods of the past. To sum
up it was a great trip all round!

Thursday, 1 December 2016


The other week in science we did a investigation. It involved lots of food and drinks packaging. We brought in some breakfast things lunch and dinner and desert and drinks. We calculated how much fat ,carbohydrate , calories, sugar, fibre, we have!